Limitless Adventure’s latest kickstarter, Limitless NPCs volume 1 is soft cover book. It has at least 100 fully detailed Non-Player Characters set in a variety of environments. These NPCs are from their current products and expanded and grouped by role. Limitless NPCs vol. 1 is available in a deluxe full-color format, or as a full-color PDF.

All of their printing and order fulfillment will be handled by Ka-Blam. Ka-Blam is a digital printing house with over a decade of experience and multiple Kickstarter campaigns (including their first). Shipping is available to any country in the world (please note that shipping will originate from the United States).

About Limitless Adventures

Limitless Adventures helps DMs spend less time prepping and more time gaming. They offer setting-neutral encounters, locations and side quests that require little or no modification. Each of their products will have new, never before published content (monsters, spells, mechanics, etc) and hooks to write follow up quests.

They have their second kickstarter regarding NPCs for a certain tabletop RPG that won’t be mentioned by name. (Hint: It might have been featured in a certain streaming TV company’s mega hit of 2016).

Limitless NPCs Stretch Goals

There is some good news. Their project has been funded. Now, it is time to help them meet their stretch goals.

Limitless NPCs Stretch Goals

If you have any questions, you can reach the guys at Limitless Adventures through the following:

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